Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I bought a turkey because it was cheap after Christmas.  They are actually really easy to cook.  I let my 7 pound turkey thaw in the fridge for 4 days, and it was still frozen in the middle.  Since I needed to cook it immediately I just ran it under some hot water.  This is not dangerous.  For about 10 minutes of the turkey being under running water the most damage that could be done is letting bacteria double their numbers once.  As soon as I was done thawing/rinsing I popped it into the oven, smeared in a whole bunch of salt, pepper and grapeseed oil.  Cook 20 minutes per pound at 330 f, covered in a tin foil tent.  Remove tent an hour before done. 

Super Easy Cranberry Sauce
1. Boil a bag of cranberries in very little water until they area pile of mush.
2. Add sugar to taste.

Super Easy Veg
1.  Cut up available vegetables.
2.  Cover in butter (more = better), salt, pepper, and any spices you think smell good.
3.  Cook under turkey for about an hour.

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